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Wellcore believes in the transformative power of complete personal optimization through targeted interventions.


When Wellcore was just a spark, these visionaries fanned the flames of innovation.

Jason Whitson

CEO & Co-Founder

As Wellcore’s CEO, Jason is responsible for designing, building, and operating an ultra-premium health & wellness business that scales through virtual care technologies.

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Bill Peebles

CFO & Co-Founder

As Wellcore’s CFO, Bill is responsible for creating and managing the strategic financial plan, including executing key finance agreements, identifying and engaging new vendors and strategic partners as well as overseeing the management of those vital relationships.

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Brent Cureton

Head of Client Success

Brent is a highly experienced leader who has achieved success in building world-class support models for multi-billion dollar companies for the past decade.

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Ryan Hamilton

Content Manager

Ryan is a brand centric marketer with a focus and passion for original content. His work has included commercial film, social media management, brand development, and photography giving him a unique and varied skills set.

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Clinical team

Expert clinicians guide us as we strive to achieve complete personal optimization for every client—where innovative, modern medicine and personalized client care intersect.

Dr. Mihnea Dumitrescu, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Born in Romania, Dr. Dumitrescu graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Texas at Austin and attended medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.

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Dr. John Bernard, M.D.

Staff Physician

Dr. Bernard graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA in 1996. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1999.

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Dr. Eric Fete, DO

Staff Physician

Dr. Eric Fete, DO is the founder of PrimeX, a preventive health, age management, and peak performance company that provides nutrition products, educational materials, physician grade supplements, hormone therapy and personalized health plans for maximum health, vitality, performance, and wellness

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Mary Ann Butler, ARPN

Nurse Practitioner

Mary Ann Butler is a board-certified advanced practice registered nurse with a background in emergency medicine and pain management.

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Ryan Lester, PA-C

Staff Physician Assistant

Ryan has been a Physician Assistant for more than a decade and is on the forefront of the rapidly evolving field of health optimization and human longevity.

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Dr. Jenell Decker, M.D.

Staff Physician

Dr. Jenell Decker, MD, is a Board-Certified Family Medicine doctor with a focus on wellness, bioidentical hormone optimization, and medical aesthetics treatments.

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Roxana Cocos, APRN, MSN, FNP-C

Staff Nurse Practitioner

Roxana graduated with honors (cum laude) from the University of Texas in Dallas with a Bachelors in Neuroscience as well as from the Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelors in Nursing.

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Advisory Board

Our forward-thinking advisory board members helps us determine safe, effective treatment protocols that advance our mission to significantly improve peoples' lives.

Cindy Stefanko

Healthcare Executive, Nurse Practitioner

Cindy's career spans more than 25 years in the healthcare system, with the last 10 in healthcare operations and business development.Most recently, she served as Senior Vice President of Operations for Global Primary Care, opening the first American-branded family medicine clinics in China.

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Sarah Pettry, MS, RDN, LD

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Sarah is a licensed Registered Dietitian with expertise in nutrition, product innovation and recipe development. In her career, Sarah has worked cross-functionally to launch and scale a national home-delivery food brand and developed multiple nutrient supplementation programs.

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Theresa Neil


Theresa quickly understands complex domains and leads teams to launch intuitive, elegant design solutions. Her background encompasses design leadership, facilitation, data visualization, SaaS tools, innovation in health and finance behavior change.

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Heather Fehling, Ph.D.


Dr. Heather Fehling is the Chief Scientific Officer of Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc. (CRL), where she has been working since 2008.

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Frequently Asked

FAQ / Safety / Q03

How often do I meet with a clinician or provide blood samples?

You will receive Wellcore’s practically painless at-home blood collection device about eight weeks after starting your personalized treatment protocol. After your blood sample has been analyzed by our lab, a member of your Client Success Team will contact you to schedule a follow-up to review your results and discuss any further optimizations. It is important that you complete this follow-up process in a timely manner to avoid any delays in refilling your medication(s).

FAQ / Safety / Q03

Will Wellcore function as my primary care physician (PCP)?

No, you should still have a PCP to address any acute issues or concerns. We will alert you if we believe you need to follow-up with your PCP for any abnormalities that we see in your bloodwork or medical history that may require further investigation.

FAQ / Safety / Q03

What happens during and after my Wellcore clinician consultation?

Your Wellcore clinician will discuss your medical history, bloodwork and current concerns and determine whether a personalized treatment protocol is a good fit for you. If medications are recommended, you will have the option to pay for and begin treatment immediately.

FAQ / Safety / Q03

What makes Wellcore different from other companies that provide access to testosterone-boosting therapies?

Wellcore’s top priority is providing safe and effective hormone optimization therapy to our clients. We achieve this by continually monitoring up to two dozen different biomarkers with a convenient, practically painless, at-home, whole-blood-collection device called Tasso. These biomarkers consist of all seven sex hormones related to testosterone therapy, including free testosterone. Free testosterone is the most important analyte to monitor while on testosterone optimization therapy because it is the unbound, active form of testosterone that creates the physiological benefits of increasing one’s testosterone levels. Most companies monitor one’s total testosterone level. Wellcore also assesses cholesterol levels, kidney function, liver function and the percentage of red blood cells circulating in your blood (hematocrit). Hematocrit is important for safety because being on hormone optimization therapy for more than three months can raise one’s production of red blood cells. This can be a good thing, as it increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of your body, but it can also increase blood pressure. Wellcore uses a practically painless auto-injector device to administer testosterone injections. These injections allow us to use a smaller, shorter needle. With the reusable auto-injector device, one doesn’t have to self-jab with a needle. The device does all the work at the push of a button.

FAQ / Safety / Q03

What are some of the benefits of Wellcore’s Hormone Optimization Therapy service for men?

Potential benefits include an increase in strength, fat loss, muscle mass, bone density, sex drive, sexual function, mood and exercise recovery. Studies demonstrate a reduced risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and overall metabolic health (glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol) after 1 year of continuous therapy. Hormone optimization therapy IS NOT a magic elixir. The more you improve your sleep, nutrition and exercise regimen while on hormone optimization therapy, the better your results and overall risk of developing chronic diseases in the future will be.

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