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Healthcare is made for the sick, not the healthy.

the healthy.

Our current healthcare model is made to address people with major concerns and life threatening conditions. This is great when you are in need of it but where does that leave those of us that are looking to take a preventative approach?

An ounce of prevention is the best medicine


Preventative medicine is a powerful tool. It’s common knowledge that being mindful of diet, exercise and mental health can help avoid or lessen the physical and emotional impact of an unexpected medical condition. However, did you know balancing your hormones is the best possible foundation to ensuring long-lasting health and wellness?

Hormonal health is often overlooked and misunderstood but we know it's THE key to longevity. We believe in it so much that we built a company around it.

Flawed studies and lazy reporting

lazy reporting

Though most have heard about the HRT studies conducted in the early 2000’s, most aren’t aware of the sordid history surrounding them. From poor execution to gross mismanagement, the misleading findings have shaped the clinical perspective on hormone therapy for decades without much science behind them. That, paired with lazy reporting by the media long after they were discredited, have perpetuated a climate of fear and left many to suffer when they could be treated.

Guided by experience

Over 100 years combined experience

Our team is uniquely made up of hormone specialists and Wellcore clients themselves. Whether as a clinician or as a patient, we have lived experience with hormonal imbalances and are passionate about helping others achieve their health goals through preventative healthcare.
Jason’s Story
Our founder, Jason Whitson, is living proof. He credits hormone optimization for his recovery from a tragic lifting accident that rendered him unable to walk, as well as his thriving life today.

A world where healthy isnormal


We believe in a world where the majority of people live healthy and fulfilling lives; who make the most of each day even until the last.