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Our personalized hormone optimization program is precisely built around your body’s data and your health goals, with regular consultations to stay on track.


Cardiovascular Resiliency & STAMINA

Optimize metabolic markers that are strongly associated with the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and dementia.

LIBIDO & Performance

Improve your sexual function and sex drive for a more enjoyable experience for you and your partner.

Body Composition

Build and maintain lean muscle mass. Improve fat loss and enhance recovery for better performance.

Motivation and Drive

Sharpen cognitive function so that you're focused, productive and at the top of your game. Rediscover your zest for life.


Administer treatments at home

Wellcore’s modern, convenient and practically painless blood collection device eliminates needle fear. Our certified lab processes your blood work, assess dozens of biomarkers for a comprehensive overview of your health. This data provides a wide-ranging baseline of key analytes to monitor throughout the program.

Ongoing assessements

Wellcore’s modern, convenient and practically painless blood collection device eliminates needle fear. Our certified lab processes your blood work, assess dozens of biomarkers for a comprehensive overview of your health. This data provides a wide-ranging baseline of key analytes to monitor throughout the program.



We mail you a device that allows you to collect your blood from the comfort of your home. Best of all it's practically painless. No big needles, no finger pricks, no fear

Remote Consultations

No more office visits. Your consultations take place during a private, secure video call. You can ask any questions in the comfort of your home.

Ongoing Optimization

Unlike competitors, we collect your blood regularly every three months so we can continuously adjust and optimize your hormone therapy.


Our team of physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners, nutritionists and medical doctors are revolutionizing how you're able to look and feel better.

Frequently Asked

FAQ / Safety / Q03

How often do I meet with a clinician or provide blood samples?

You will receive Wellcore’s practically painless at-home blood collection device about eight weeks after starting your personalized treatment protocol. After your blood sample has been analyzed by our lab, a member of your Client Success Team will contact you to schedule a follow-up to review your results and discuss any further optimizations. It is important that you complete this follow-up process in a timely manner to avoid any delays in refilling your medication(s).

FAQ / Safety / Q03

Will Wellcore function as my primary care physician (PCP)?

No, you should still have a PCP to address any acute issues or concerns. We will alert you if we believe you need to follow-up with your PCP for any abnormalities that we see in your bloodwork or medical history that may require further investigation.

FAQ / Safety / Q03

What happens during and after my Wellcore clinician consultation?

Your Wellcore clinician will discuss your medical history, bloodwork and current concerns and determine whether a personalized treatment protocol is a good fit for you. If medications are recommended, you will have the option to pay for and begin treatment immediately.

FAQ / Safety / Q03

What makes Wellcore different from other companies that provide access to testosterone-boosting therapies?

Wellcore’s top priority is providing safe and effective hormone optimization therapy to our clients. We achieve this by continually monitoring up to two dozen different biomarkers with a convenient, practically painless, at-home, whole-blood-collection device called Tasso. These biomarkers consist of all seven sex hormones related to testosterone therapy, including free testosterone. Free testosterone is the most important analyte to monitor while on testosterone optimization therapy because it is the unbound, active form of testosterone that creates the physiological benefits of increasing one’s testosterone levels. Most companies monitor one’s total testosterone level. Wellcore also assesses cholesterol levels, kidney function, liver function and the percentage of red blood cells circulating in your blood (hematocrit). Hematocrit is important for safety because being on hormone optimization therapy for more than three months can raise one’s production of red blood cells. This can be a good thing, as it increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of your body, but it can also increase blood pressure. Wellcore uses a practically painless auto-injector device to administer testosterone injections. These injections allow us to use a smaller, shorter needle. With the reusable auto-injector device, one doesn’t have to self-jab with a needle. The device does all the work at the push of a button.

FAQ / Safety / Q03

What are some of the benefits of Wellcore’s Hormone Optimization Therapy service for men?

Potential benefits include an increase in strength, fat loss, muscle mass, bone density, sex drive, sexual function, mood and exercise recovery. Studies demonstrate a reduced risk of diabetes, osteoporosis and overall metabolic health (glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol) after 1 year of continuous therapy. Hormone optimization therapy IS NOT a magic elixir. The more you improve your sleep, nutrition and exercise regimen while on hormone optimization therapy, the better your results and overall risk of developing chronic diseases in the future will be.


Quick-Draw Kit

You’ll receive our Quick-Draw Assessment Kit with our state-of-the-art, practically painless blood-collection tools. Draw your samples and send them to our lab in the included mailer. Our Client Success Team will schedule a remote consultation after analysis, typically in 10-14 days.

Remote Consultations

No more office visits. All of your clinical consultations will happen in a private, secure video chat. In the comfort of your own home, you can ask our clinician any questions you may have.

Ongoing Optimization

Once you’ve started your program, you’ll partake in private, remote consultations with our Clinical Team to constantly guide you toward complete personal optimization. We may adjust your program along the way, as we consider your biomarker shifts and your feedback. Regular, comprehensive  bloodwork is essential for this degree of optimization.

Innovative Technology

The Tasso blood collection is practically painless, easily and quickly drawing blood to give us a comprehensive look at your current health. Once your hormone optimization program starts, you’ll receive our practically painless, self-administered auto-injection kit, which makes hormone treatment easy and painless. No mixing hormones, no anxiety, no needle fear, no overcomplication.

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