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What We Do

Holistic Wellness

Your body is a complex machine, and you only look and feel your best when every part of the system is working at peak efficiency. Through comprehensive blood testing, we analyze your inner workings to help you surpass your potential.

Personalized Solutions

No two of us are the same. Your body chemistry is yours. Your health and wellness goals are yours. And at WellCore, we think the treatment plan should also be, well… yours.

Superior Science

Our modern approach to wellness starts with identifying your body’s specific needs by examining 36 biomarkers in your blood. Based on your results, we recommend science-backed treatments to optimize your performance and your life.

Continuous Improvement

We’re always on the lookout for the latest, most innovative treatments and services to help you level up your performance. As a WellCore member, you’ll gain access to our tenacious team of expert healthcare and wellness professionals who are never satisfied with the status quo.

Be your best self

We start with examining your hormone levels. Hormones play a critical role in regulating your mood, metabolism, and even sex drive. Hormone replacement therapy can help you look and feel your best.

Boost your sexual performance

Keep up the romance—and the fun. Hormone replacement therapy may help improve your libido for a healthier sex drive. Sexual performance may vary.

Improve your mood

Hormone replacement therapy may decrease your risk of depression, anxiety and irritability caused by hormone imbalances.

Maintain your lean body

HRT helps keep your metabolism working so that you can enjoy the way you look.

Get more energy

Improving your hormone deficiencies may give you the energy to go to the gym again, to take that bike ride, to play with your kids, and to just live your life without feeling tired and fatigued.

Increase muscular strength

Optimize your body and build muscle so that you can improve your performance and look your best.

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HOW the wellcore program works


Order your at-home blood sampling kit

Our easy, virtually painless blood sampling kit collects enough blood to allow our doctors to analyze and evaluate 36 different biomarkers, giving you a comprehensive look at your health and wellness.


Schedule your virtual appointment

Your doctor will get to know you and your wellness goals. They’ll walk you through the results of your bloodwork to help you understand where your hormone deficiencies can be improved to meet your goals.


Get a personalized treatment plan

You’ll get a customized plan that includes the best hormone replacement therapy injections in the right amount that will help treat your body’s imbalances.


Administer treatments from the comfort of your home

Subscribe to your personalized plan and we’ll ship your treatments straight to your home. We make it easy and safe to give yourself HRT injections.


Ongoing assessments

You’ll work with your doctor to measure your progress and adjust your treatment plan as needed so that you can operate at peak performance for a healthier, happier life.


How do I know if WellCore is for me?

WellCore is currently for adults who are suffering from the side effects of hormonal imbalances and low testosterone. These side effects include low sex drive, low energy, increased body fat, hair loss, and fatigue.

Is it safe to self-administer HRT injections?

Yes! The first time can be a bit nerve-racking, but you will quickly get used to how easy it is to do.

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