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The First Step in the New You: The Wardrobe

Tips for Dressing Well on Your Wellness Journey.

February 8, 2024
Medically-reviewed and fact checked by Ryan Lester, PA-C

In more than one way, embarking on a journey towards health and wellness means you’re leaving old parts of who you were behind -- habits, recipes, and yes, what the “old” you wore, too.

As well as that old shirt that’s somehow still holding up, and that sweatshirt you had for so many Superbowls, or those jeans or gym shorts that fit just right… like so many other things, too, once you took personal inventory at the start of your wellness journey, you realized that a lot of things had to be left behind. A rebirth necessitates reimagining who you want to be in your new life, but it all begins with letting go of your old threads.

Now, this can be hard for a number of reasons -- the comfort, the memories and emotions tied to these pieces, not to mention the incoming pricetag on all their replacements… No part of the journey you’ve undertaken to become your best you has been easy. If there’s any silver lining, though, it’s that The Old You, The Present You, and The Future You -- they’re all going to thank you for this.

Knowing how tough this moment may be for you, we thought it might be helpful to pull together 5 hard and fast rules that will help you navigate the feelings, the change, and the fiscal part, too.

1. Follow the “Rule of 10 Pounds”

As you progress on your fitness journey, remember that for every 10 pounds you lose, you may need to adjust your clothing size. While this rule isn't absolutely absolute, it provides a helpful guideline. Whether you're shedding weight and building muscle for a special occasion, or simply starting another chapter of your life, anticipate the need for wardrobe updates every few weeks to months to combat any changes that you and your body face together.

2. Relax on the Hard and Fast Rules of Becoming “Fit”

Embrace the changes in your body and give yourself some leeway when it comes to clothing fit. Loose pants or slightly oversized shirts are signs of progress, not fashion faux pas. Instead of stressing over the perfect fit for every occasion or every time you step outside, celebrate your achievements and consider updating your wardrobe to reflect the different chapters in your evolving physique.

3. Avoid "Aspirational" Sizes

Resist the temptation to buy clothes in sizes you hope to fit into someday. Invest in pieces that flatter your current body AND make you feel confident -- two very great measuring sticks to go by. Let go of styles or materials that serve as reminders of the unattainable goals of your past and, instead, create space for items that celebrate who you are now -- The Present You.

4. Spend Less, and Invest in Value

While it's important to invest in quality clothing, there's no need to break the bank. Seek out brands that offer both affordability and durability. Remember, it's about finding value in your purchases rather than solely focusing on price tags. By shopping wisely, you can build a wardrobe that supports your lifestyle, budget, AND this new you -- all at once.

5. Consider Tailoring (or Donating)

Tailoring can be a useful option for adjusting clothes as your body transforms. However, it's essential to weigh the cost and time involved. Alternatively, consider donating gently used items to make space for new additions to your wardrobe. Choose the approach that aligns best with your priorities and preferences.

Remember this when donating -- maybe someone needs to inhabit the old you, so that they may one day join you anew, too.


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