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5 Tools to Reinforce Your Immune System

A Longevity Expert Reveals His Secret Sauce to Bolster Immunity This Winter to Safeguard Against the “Tripledemic”.

Caleb Greer
November 8, 2023
Medically-reviewed and fact checked by Ryan Lester, PA-C

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), another Tripledemic is headed our way. As we enter the cold season, we’re up against a  trifecta of respiratory infections that without preventive measures can easily take a person down. Vaccines are offered for all three - COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza virus (flu) - but while they’re effective for preventing serious outcomes if infected, there are other methods to help keep you on your feet. 

We are all familiar with the usual immunity safeguards like rest, Vitamin C & D, Zinc, exercise and so on. For insight you can’t easily find on Google, we spoke with Wellcore advisor, Caleb Greer, FNP-C. An expert when it comes to optimizing health and someone who includes medical research on his list of hobbies, Greer peeled back the curtain on the strategies longevity experts like himself employ during the cold season. These strategies go beyond the standard advice and offer a more holistic approach to fortify your immune system.

The Recipe

Greer’s approach is very similar to that in which vaccines work. He taps mild immune boosters that gently stimulate your immune system in a beneficial way. The idea is to stress your immune system just enough to trigger an adaptive response without making you feel unwell, so your immune system is prepared when it encounters the actual threat. Here are his top five tools for doing just that:

  1. Biocidin LSF: This supplement is a powerhouse, combining 18 natural plant extracts and essential oils, all designed to help your immune system work at its best. What makes Biocidin LSF stand out is its unique liposomal formula. This means it's specially crafted for better absorption into your cells, giving it a remarkable 74% higher absorption rate compared to regular Biocidin. As a result, it gets distributed throughout your body, supporting not just your immune system but also your digestion, elimination, and detoxification processes. According to Greer, it's a great addition to your toolkit for a speedy recovery from infections and overall immune health.

-Dosage: 2 pumps held under the tongue for 60 seconds daily

  1. Cat’s Claw Synergy: This supplement supports immune balance and a healthy microbial environment using a blend of cat’s claw, essential oils, monolaurin and 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 for enhanced immune support. Its unique formulation also increases absorption rates to ensure nutrients are delivered inside cells to target issues. 

-Dosage: 2 pumps held under the tongue for 60 seconds daily 

  1. Immunoberry Liquid: Greer cautions that this may be a tough one to choke down due to its bitter taste, but absolutely worth it. The combination of organic elderberry, astragalus, wild cherry bark and organic mushroom extracts will supercharge immunity.

-Dosage: One full dropper daily

  1. Glutathione [Nebulized]: With respiratory illnesses making up the Tripledemic, Greer can’t emphasize this method enough. Glutathione is a powerful internal antioxidant that plays a vital role in the defense against oxidative damage. To optimize its delivery he recommends utilizing a nebulizer rather than taking it orally because it delivers the supplement directly into the respiratory tract and prevents it from being degraded in the digestive tract. Additionally, utilizing nebulizers for treatment administration can provide relief by relaxing the respiratory muscles and promoting the loosening of lung mucus, making it easier to breathe during illness.

-Dosage: 300mg daily

  1. ImmunoBoost Infusion: Also known as IV therapy, Greer suggests a quarterly preventative cocktail of vitamin C and thymosin alpha-1 peptide, especially to prepare for immunity stressing situations like transatlantic flights, major conferences, or other events where you’ll be uber exposed to potential viruses. Although this specific infusion is bespoke to Greer’s practice, immunity boosting IV combinations are widely available through licensed healthcare providers.

-At high doses, vitamin C is a pro-oxidant that enhances the inflammatory capacity of the immune system to fight pathogens. 

-Thymosin alpha-1 is an immunomodulatory peptide used in cases of immune compromise, chronic infection, and autoimmunity to aid in balancing the immune system. 

To get the most out of these tools, Greer suggests cycling them throughout the year for at least 10 days out of the month, either consistently or split into two sequences of five days. While there's no foolproof way to prevent illness, these strategies can significantly boost your immune resiliency, especially in the face of the impending Tripledemic. Stay proactive and stay well.


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Caleb Greer

Caleb started his graduate educational journey at Parker University in Dallas, TX, where he accrued more than 2,000 hours studying and learning manual manipulation techniques.

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